Cooking is cool, but Baking is the Bomb



Baking is a tremendous creation that has brought us some of the tastiest treats and desserts I could have never thought imaginable.  But it can come with its own difficulties if you are not that savvy in the kitchen.

For those of course that don’t want to try and take on the somewhat daunting task of baking, there’s always boxes of just add water products.


For any else that are adventurous enough to take on the challenge… here are few things you will need to have down to ensure success


1. Choose a great recipe

        I remember baking one of my first cheesecakes.  I pulled a recipe off the internet that called for the cheesecake to have 9 eggs.  Now I have enough knowledge to konw that 9 eggs in a cheesecake is proposterous.    Point being to look at enough recipes that you can be educated about your selection.  Choose one that will be delicious but simple to follow as well, and when you find one that works… don’t fix what’s not broken.  Stick with it!



       Prep is a pretty broad topic and includes a number of items like:

                     – preheat the oven

                     – set out and premeasure all the ingredients

                     – have your bowls and your tools ready

                     – get your timer ready

3. Mix the contents well

       The muscles that you use in your arms and hands to mix during baking are not muscles you use doing anything else in life.  So be prepared if you are just starting out to start cramping very quickly.  If you have to, be ready to use a mixer.  Mixing the batter is a truly important part of the process and paying attention to the needed consistency of the batter is not to be overlooked.  Do you best, time it well,a nd always remember that the end result is sooooo worth the pain…..


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